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The course at Running Deer is among the finest in the area

As GolfStyles magazine recently put it, “Many courses in South Jersey want to be Pine Valley. Running Deer … comes closest, which is perhaps the highest compliment one can give to the crown jewel in Ron Jaworski’s golf holdings.”

It is easy to see why they think so. From the moment you set foot in the clubhouse to the final hole, Running Deer offers the best, most complete golf experience in the area.

Out on course, you will find that every hole is unique. The lush green teeing areas, rolling fairways and dynamic, undulating terrain offer special challenges to golfers of every handicap. In short, it offers all the attention to detail you would expect from a private course, available to all.

Best of all, Running Deer offers one thing that every golfer can appreciate: serenity. The course is set back among the trees of beautiful and historic Pittsgrove, N.J., a world away from the hectic pace of everyday life. Even the holes themselves are set apart, conveying the sense that it is just you, your partner(s) and the game – golf, just the way it should be.

We’re looking for new members – people ready to be a part of the Running Deer team.

Please contact Scott Dunn, PGA Assistant General Manager, with any questions, comments & concerns regarding golf at Running Deer Golf Club.
Email: sdunn@runningdeergolfclub.com
Phone: 856-358-2000 ext.227

Our Opening Hole Par 4 plays 394 from the back tees.  With a large waste bunker on the left side and OB right, your play is to position yourself down the middle on this opening tee shot.  A large green well protected by bunkers.  An opening par on this hole is a good score.  A good test to start your round.

Some say the second hole, par 4 may be the hardest hole on the course, coming in at our 2nd hardest handicap hole, this hole has OB right, and a tree line along the left side. This hole plays around 490 from our back tees. With a halfpipe look of rough on the left and right tee shots can luck out and catch the hills to position yourself in fairway.  This hole is all distance and be sure to position yourself on the correct tier on the green. Getting here in 2 for some may be a challenge.   

One of Running Deer’s signature golf holes with is our par 4 3rd hole it plays just about 380 from the tips  and gives players an amazing  view of our terrain.  A steep ravine / hazard is along the left side of the hole.  The green is slightly elevated and surrounded by  those same steep hills carved out of the landscape.  A well positioned tee shot gives you a solid look, but be sure to not get tricked on one of the toughest greens in South Jersey! You want to be sure to be on the correct level on this extreme undulating greens.

This Par 5 plays 520 from the tips and has an intimidating first look with bunkers surrounding the fairway throughout the entire hole.  Two well positioned shots give you a good look at a Birdie, some can reach in two.  A fun risk and reward par 5 that can give your front nine a nice boost.

Our newly renovated par 3 can play close to 180 from the tips and as close as 100 from the front tees.  Protected by a pond on the front right, an aggressive shot can cost you a few strokes but reward you if hit correctly.

Playing around 417 yards from our back tees this par 4 is protected but  bunkers right and left.  Depending on pin location you can be blocked out by a large tree and undulating green.   

This par 3 again can be played as long as 185 yards and from the front tees as close as 95 yards.  It is all carry over a natural area carved out with a green that looks like it is on an island.  Make sure you hit close to the pin on this wide green. 

A tricky tee shot on this 400 yard par 4, that is protected by bunkers on right and left. Favor the right side to have an easier approach to this large green.  False front and back may trick even the best players.  

This par 5  you can grip and rip or play it safe.  Depending on how aggressive a player you are.  The hole is protected by a large waste area in the middle of the hole as well as a tight dog leg right up around the approach to the green.  Some may go low and some may walk away wanting another shot on this finish to the front nine. 

Bunkers have you surrounded on this fun par 4.  A drive up the left may find yourself in a tiny little pond. Two good shots on this hole may give you the confidence to start the next few holes that are imperative to a good round.

This par 4 has It’s own identity on our course.  A shorter dog leg left with a hidden trouble.  Be aware of the creek that runs up the left side of this hole.  Aggressive golfers may find themselves in trouble real fast.  A beautiful look back from the green on this lovely hole.

The hardest hole and a long par 4 playing about 480 from the tips and leaving you with 200 + in on your second shot!  A dogleg right that is protected by water and an elevated green.  This green will challenge all player types.  A bogey isn’t all that bad after finishing Ron Jaworski Golf’s signature hole.

A This par 3 plays 125 from the front tees and a whopping 243 from our back tees.  This green is protected by a large bunker in the front giving you a narrow landing zone to run a shot up onto this undulating green. 

Position is key to this tee shot on our dog leg left par 5 .  Protected by trees all along the left side and bunker in position A on the right.  Two good shots will get you home in two on this par 5, but you may find yourself zig zagging your way out of trouble.   

This narrow par 4 is protected by some mounds around the fairway and a crater of a bunker protecteding this multi tiered green.  A punchbowl styled green can help you on a short approach.  If the pin is back be careful of your distances.

This par 3 is deceivingly hard.  Looks to be straightforward, make sure you check the direction of wind on this hole and be sure to stay out of trouble missing left or right side bunkers. 

A narrow chute on this tee shot.  This par 5 has two different fairways protected by a hazard on the left – Out of Bounds right and split in the middle about 200 yards out is a gully.  A tree in the first fairway is a great target to aim for.  Getting home in 2 sometimes does not help.  An elevated green protected by large hills will challenge all your shots.

A par 4 finishing hole that will make or break your round.  Playing about 430 from our Middle Tees to about 480 from our tips this slight dog leg left finishing hole challenges you with a fairway bunker and a long second shot in to an elevated 3 tiered green.  

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